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What pampers moms more than taking care of their new-born babies? Probably nothing! They have a new world of their own in which all they have to care about is their kid.

They spend their time feeding their kids, dressing them up and giving them a perfect hairstyle as soon as their hair starts to grow. In fact, brushing the hair of babies is not just about giving them a neat and clean look.

It actually contributes a lot to their overall scalp health. And, for that, selecting the right baby hair brush is really important because it plays a key part in keeping the hair of your baby healthy as well as preventing their tender skin from getting hurt.


Best Baby Hair Brush Cradle Cap

Now, if you are looking for the best organic baby hair brush, here we have a few options that you must consider. Check out these top 5 baby hair brush reviews given below and choose the right product to give your little one the best toddler hairstyles while not compromising at all on his/her scalp health.

Product Image Brand Price
FridaBaby DermFrida Skin Soother Check Price
My Wet Brush For Babies Check Price
Summer Infant Brush And Comb Check Price
Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush And Comb Check Price
Disney Minnie Brush And Comb Set Check Price

FridaBaby DermFrida Skin Soother

This natural baby hair brush has been designed in a particular way to keep it soft enough for brushing and cleaning the skin of your baby’s scalp.

This is the best baby hairbrush set to deal with cradle cap. This multi-functional tool for bathtime will let you keep the scalp and skin of your baby healthy without having to spend your money on buying multiple products.

The skin soother hair brush doesn’t just prove to be helpful in gentle cleansing, it can help deal with different skin conditions like eczema and cradle cap as well. Moving it in light massaging motion can help exfoliate your child’s skin as well as stimulating their blood flow besides giving him one of the best 5 year old boy haircuts around.

When you’re using FridaBaby DermFrida Skin Soother, you don’t really need a baby washcloth. Besides, you don’t even need any regular brush for your baby either. FridaBaby Skin Soother is made using silicone and doesn’t absorb any water at all which means it has zero dry time as well. It’s an anti-bacterial product as well which means you can rest assured it’s all safe to use.

It can easily fit between the fingers and carries ergonomic properties for the parents. What’s even better is that there is an additional replacement brush that is part of the package as well. So, it is comfortable for both the baby and the parent. You will love it when your kid is clean and your kid will love it when the massage is in progress.


  • Ergonomic product for the parents
  • Two brushes in a single pack
  • It carries antibacterial properties
  • Not a perfect hair brush for everyday grooming
  • Quite small in size
  • It’s a bit on the expensive side

My Wet Brush For Babies

One of the best baby hair brush 2020, My Wet Brush is really among the best and most ouch-free brushes that works for both kids as well as adults.

One of the best baby hair brush 2020, My Wet Brush is really among the best and most ouch-free brushes that works for both kids as well as adults. The brush uses bristles made out of soft nylon with synthetic fibers and that’s what makes them appropriate for your child’s soft skin.

You won’t be pulling your baby’s hair as you brush through it and there won’t be any kind of scratching whatsoever on their scalp which is already very sensitive. Remember, however, that due to the softness of the bristles, the brush may not remain too useful as your child grows a bit older and you have to style his/her hair in different ways possible.

The hairbrush is available in a couple of cool colors and its handle is created with plastic so that it can resist bacteria and can be cleaned easily as well. The baby hair brush is designed in a way that you need to use it wet and, therefore, it’ll work best on both dry and wet hair.

If you want to directly use the hairbrush in the bathroom you can go ahead with this cool product. However, if the treatment of cradle cap is on your agenda then you may need something that offers more firmness.

The chunky, ergonomic handle of this organic baby hair brush makes for easy grip and the petite size of the brush makes it a perfect choice for the head of your teeny newborn. In addition, it’s size makes it a handy tool to be carried along anywhere.


  • It’s very soft
  • Available in Different colors
  • Features nylon bristles
  • Not a very big baby hair brush
  • It may not work when you start styling your hair

Summer Infant Brush And Comb

Summer Infant Brush And Comb - Best Baby Hair Brush

One of the best baby hair brush 2020, My Wet Brush is really among the best and most ouch-free brushes that works for both kids as well as adults.

Summer Infant brush and comb pair is the best baby hair brush set on market for those on a tight budget. You can’t really get better value at this price. As a matter of fact, you’re buying two products for not even the price of one single hair brush for babies. Yes, bear in mind that other brands charge you a lot higher.

The trendy gender-neutral teal-and white color palette of the hairbrush really makes it an attractive choice that works for you whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl. The hair brush features a long handle that is bigger as compared to many other competing products and makes the hairbrush easy to use.

Besides, it features different teeth types alongside that wide-tooth section. It comes with some cool features that prove to be helpful in detangling of hair. So, you can expect to use the comb even after your kid has grown up and doesn’t need a baby hair brush anymore.

The hairbrush features denser and thicker bristles compared to lots of other hairbrushes available in the market. It won’t be too hard on the scalp of your baby and there won’t be any kind of damage whatsoever.

Besides, it will be effective even on the growing hair of your baby and can apply ample friction required for dealing with the cradle cap situation as well. And, obviously, it can help you achieve one of the cute little boys haircuts around. As the product is made using plastic material, it can be cleaned easily in warm water and soap.


  • Features a long handle
  • A detangling feature makes it easier to brush through the hair
  • Quite an inexpensive product
  • Available in just one color
  • The bristles may bend over time

Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush And Comb

Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush And Comb

If you are looking for the best brush and comb set, this Safety 1st baby hair brush and comb set gives you the best and the most economical solution.

You can get best value for money by choosing this product and it’s available in pink and blue color to allow you to complete your baby set whether you have a boy or a girl.

The big, ergonomic handles of the organic baby hair brush set allow for easy handling and combing giving a soothing experience to your child. The chunky nature of the product even allows your baby to grip it perfectly as well. So, you can expect to give your child the liberty to comb their hair themselves once they actually grow up.

The extra-soft nature of the brush works best for the sensitive scalp of your baby and the dual-density teeth make it an even better choice for your kid. Due to dual-density feature, it’s up to you whether you want to use the brush from the end where it has wide teeth or from the end where the teeth are finer. Obviously, your choice will depend on the grooming needs of your child.

The plastic body makes it easier for cleaning as you can simply use warm water and soap to clean it. What’s even better is that the plastic used in making this product is BPA free as well. Being a “Hospital’s Choice” approved product, the comb set meets all the safety standards and may even exceed a few as well.


  • Easy to clean
  • Both fine and wide teeth
  • Good value
  • Doesn’t help with the cradle cap
  • Bristles may easily fell out

Disney Minnie Brush And Comb Set

Disney Minnie Brush And Comb Set

Decorated with beautiful pink and white polka dots design, the hair brush will definitely grab their attention as you tame their mane.

It is probably the cutest natural baby hair brush around. Believe it or not, your child won’t resist you when you’re trying to brush his/her hair using this cute little comb and brush set.

The ultra-soft bristles of the baby hairbrush make it go gently on the scalp of your baby. However, the softness of bristles may not allow it to help too much when it comes to exfoliating your kids’ scalp if they have cradle cap. The comb features fine as well as wide teeth and, therefore, you can work with the end that suits your needs perfectly.

The plastic body of the comb and brush set allows for easy cleaning and doesn’t allow any bacteria to harbor inside. Besides, the thick handle of the hair brush makes it a lot easier for the baby himself to grip it and have a good time playing with it.

The best part is that the brush and comb set doesn’t just work for the newborns to comb their hair, you can give it to them as a cool looking toy that they can play with as they grow up. As the hairbrush doesn’t damage or pull the hair, you can allow your kids to play with it and brush their hair as they like with no worries whatsoever of getting hurt.

So, if you are looking for the finest baby hair brush around to achieve the best girls haircuts, the products listed above will all work just perfectly for your little one. Each of these has its own pros and cons and you can choose one that you deem fit for your little one.

Whether it’s the aesthetics that are a priority for you or you are looking for a baby hairbrush that is more function, here you are sure to find one that fits your requirements!

  • It’s really cool
  • Older kids can use it as a toy
  • Allows easy cleaning due to its plastic build
  • Bacteria may be trapped at the point where bristles attach to the brush
  • Design may not be too appealing to every kid
  • May be harder to grip for adults